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Corporate planning to help companies thrive

The Tempus Advisors team serves as financial consultants to corporations. The comprehensive services we offer include company retirement plans, employee benefits, executive benefits, buy-sell consulting and key-person coverage – all essential elements for the success of any company, including yours.

As costs continue to rise and wages stagnate, benefits become an important variable in the employment equation.

Company retirement plans

The most talented employees always have a choice of which company to work for. Employers regularly compete for this top talent, and comprehensive corporate benefits let employees know they are valued. At Tempus Advisors, we have deep resources and broad experience offering comprehensive consulting to private and public companies.

The most common type of defined contribution plan is the 401(k). A defined contribution plan is a retirement plan in which a certain amount or percentage is set aside by a company for the benefit of each participating employee. This plan places restrictions that control when and how each employee can withdraw funds without penalties. It is funded primarily by the participants, with the plan sponsor matching contributions to a certain amount.

With defined benefit plans, an employer guarantees a specific retirement benefit amount for each participant, which can be calculated according to length of service and the salary each earned at the time of retirement. Our team can manage assets to current liabilities, and if needed, also help with the termination process.

Highly sought company benefits such as retirement plans, flex-savings plans, group health plans and voluntary insurance plans are a good way for your company to attract and retain quality employees, help you plan and save for your own future and even save money by reducing your company’s payroll taxes and taxable income. We have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the countless choices of plans, and help handle the many fiduciary responsibilities that come with running them.

Our team maintains knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations, and helps ensure compliance of programs and practices.

Closely held businesses

As independent financial advisors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges business owners often face and have helped many new, growing and mature businesses succeed.

Events like the death, disability or retirement of an owner don’t have to mean the end of the business. Business succession planning can provide for an orderly transition of ownership and business management, during lifetime or at death. One tool used in business succession planning is the buy-sell agreement. A properly designed buy-sell agreement can allow you to keep control of your business until death, disability, retirement or other specified event.

We can help you address and resolve many important considerations. Should you transfer ownership to family members or employees or perhaps an outside party? What is the best way to pull money out of the business in a tax-efficient manner? We can also provide assistance in the sale of your business, including business valuation, reviewing your options for buyers and facilitating the selling process. We can then help transfer wealth out of your business in a tax-efficient manner with an appropriate exit strategy.

Treating children equally can be challenging. This is particularly true with family businesses when one or more children are actively involved in the business and others are not. Poor planning can lead to strained relationships for generations to come. Fortunately there are strategies for treating family members equitably and maintaining relationships.

We work with owners of closely held businesses to design creative solutions and provide guidance for communication with family members.

Executive benefits

Highly sought company benefits are a good way to attract and retain quality employees, help you plan and save for your own future and even save money by reducing your company’s payroll taxes and taxable income. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you.

A Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, or SERP, is a nonqualifed retirement plan for key company employees that provides benefits over and above those covered in other retirement plans such as a 401(k), an IRA or nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans. We can help you decide between the many different kinds of SERPs available.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) – an elective or non-elective plan, agreement, method or arrangement between an employer and an employee (or service recipient and service provider) to pay the employee or independent contractor compensation in the future. (Our team can help with funded and unfunded plans, as well as corporate life insurance plans.)

You’ve worked hard to establish your business. You strive to hire highly skilled, invaluable associates to help run the company. Like most companies, there is probably at least one employee everyone agrees is “priceless.” It’s practical business to consider where you, or the company, would be without a key employee.

Hopefully, you’ll never lose an invaluable associate. But if you do, having a key person life insurance policy can provide tremendous peace of mind. Key person coverage can provide funds to cover lost revenue, hire interim support, hire a search firm to find a replacement and even provide additional benefits to the key person’s family. We can help you create a business insurance strategy and determine if this coverage is right for your company.

Are others dependent upon you for financial support? If your children, spouse, other loved ones or even your business had to continue without you, would there be ample income to do so?

An essential part of financial planning, life insurance can help replace income that would be lost upon your death. It can also help ensure that dependents are not burdened with significant debt, affording them financial security in a difficult time. It can provide a cash infusion to your business to meet ongoing business expenses and obligations.

Since insurance helps protect you in case of accident, illness, disability or death, it plays a crucial role in your comprehensive financial plan. Through Tempus Advisors, we can provide a wide array of quality insurance alternatives that can offer an important layer of safety for you, your family, your business or your organization.

For example, we can help you build a protective cushion with life insurance, preserve your estate with long-term care insurance and combine protection and tax-advantaged growth opportunities with annuities.

One of the most common causes of income loss is through a disability. While most disabilities cause only temporary loss of income, any loss can be devastating if you are not prepared. Most group disability policies offered through employers limit the amount of coverage for executives. Generally they only cover base earnings and do not cover bonus compensation. They may also have limitations on coverage well below your normal take-home pay. Supplemental policies can cover that portion of your income not protected by group insurance coverage. High limit or lump sum policies can provide the protection you and your family need. Disability insurance can provide you with financial security by replacing a portion of your income when you are unable to work because of an accident or illness. By providing a monthly benefit, it can help you and your family maintain your lifestyle while you focus on recovery. We can help you secure the coverage you need.

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